Monday, 27 July 2009

Short thoughts on the Hungarian GP

Of course the first thing to say is that I, and everyone I know, hope that Felipe has a quick recovery. It was a shocking accident, and it's only a week since writing something similar. At least it looks as though Felipe will be OK, although as I write this, there are fears for his left eye.

Qualifying and the race proved to be highly interesting though. Not least for the pace of the McLarens - I wonder if Kovi was happy with being so far behind Lewis allweekend? And talking about McLaren and Ferrari running in P1 and P2 brought back memories of the old days. Strangely, it seems only a blink since the start of the season, butsomehow it's an eternity since the silver and red cars were running at the front.

The other surprises were just how much Red Bull and Brawn suffered with their tyres. I find it hard to understand how we can have a situation where the entire grid is covered by such a small margin and yet two of the front running teams seem to eat their tyres if the weather is not perfect. It's almost as though the regulations inevitably lead to cars running at around the same pace, but only for a few laps.

As usual, a decision made by officials seems to be quite outrageous. Stopping Fernando from racing on home soil, albeit for the second time this year, sounds a little harsh. Especially when Red Bull escape with a reprimand for letting Webber out into the path of Kimi. And a reprimands what exactly? Nothing. Even a fine means nothing (unless you're McLaren, and then it seems to be out of proportion). A telling off doesn't hurt at all. The teams would even hire someone specifically to be told off if they thought it would save a couple of tenths. I appreciate that the message from the stewards is that Renault should not have quiet about the problem, whereas the Red Bull incident was just a split-second mistake.

Jaime did well, despite no time in the car. And it seems a little unfair that people say he is inexperienced, when he's achieved more, or as much as, certain other people on the grid - I'm thinking Button, Kimi, Trulli. So I hope he gets more than just one more race to show wjat he can do.

Other thoughts? Timo Glock impressed, but maybe that just shows what strategy can do. And Rosberg is continuing to pick up fourth places. I think he's re-signed for 2010, and I hope that Williams continue to give him a good car. If the Resource Restrictions come into force, and they should, Williams will be in a strong position.

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