Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wednesday 5 August

It's Wednesday, and a few things have happened:
  • Best news of the day: Felipe allowed to go home to convalesce. Keep improving rapidly!
  • There'll be a GP in Canada in 2010. Good news, it's a great circuit and is in a continent that is totally neglected by F1.
  • Jean Todt has launched his manifesto, and it's probably good enough to win. I liked Joe Saward's piece on his blog about it.
  • People have gone on and on about whether Michael should be able to test the F60. For the record, my view is that no testing is a daft rule but there should be no exception. It won't make him any safer than if he tests a 2007 spec car - except at the start as he has no experience of using KERS. I guess Ferrari still have some straight line tests left, and if not it's their own fault - after all, they could put Gene in the car. There should be no performance benefits from doing the test, and that's precisely what they're after. Worth asking, but no point whingeing if someone says no.
  • Donington is still doing stuff to make people think they have a chance of hosting the Grand Prix in 2010. Maybe they do. So where can I buy tickets? OK; I guess we need an F1 calendar first, but they said they'd have the funding in place by the end of July 2009, and there hasn't been an announcement about that. Maybe I'm just a cynic - along with everyone else?

But what I'm sad about is what I haven't heard. What's happening with BMW Sauber? The deadline to sign Concorde expires today, which to me sounds like big news.

I know people that work at the team and I hope they keep their jobs. Peter Sauber is a good man, and deserves a decent chance at resurrecting Sauber from the phoenix-like ashes of BMW.

But I guess that's just my view. Surely there's a journalist out their that'll tell me? Maybe I just can't find the news.

I hope there's a way for them to keep in the sport, even if this year's car is a long way from the best of the grid. There's so much potential there.

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