Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Effing and Blinding

Apparently, Eric Boullier has apologised for the language used by his team during the Indian race.

Allegedly, trackside director Alan Permane told Kimi to "get out of the fucking way" when Grosjean (interesting that we call them Kimi, and yet Grosjean, isn't it?) needed to get past in a hurry.

Kimi's response was equally to the point: "don't fucking shout at me". although that mayhave had "in the fast corners" tacked on the end. It depends which report you read.

But why apologise? It's a private channel, admittedly a channel that can be broadcast to the public if the powers that be at FOM deem it suitable. If it's not suitable, don't broadcast it. Simple.

What Eric should have done, is tell anyone that complains to eff off.

Incidentally, I have followed David Hepworth's lead in using the fuck w***. It seems pointless to me to obliterate three letters in a w*** when it is quite clear what we are talking about. We are grown-ups after all, and if you are offended by that kind of language, then I'll send Eric round, and he can tell you what to do.

Photo: Autosport

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