Friday, 1 November 2013

Crossing the Line

I'm getting fed up with this topic. I was fed up with it in July when I ranted about it then. Massa goes off on the exit of a corner after a great overtaking move in Hungary. Ricciardo goes over the the lines on the exit of 130R

Then we get to India and Charlie Whiting (who I have met and have a great deal of respect for) decides that it's ok to cross the white line, because if you do, you don't gain an advantage because you'ull be running on the astroturf.

And now in Abu Dhabi, drivers are being told to avoid crossing the lines particularly around the DRS detection zones. What will it be in Austin I wonder?

Wouldn't it just be easier to enforce the rule that says you must stay on the track at all times, and if all four wheels cross the line (which marks the edge of the track - not the kerbs) then you have left the track.

Leave the track in qualifying - that laptime does not count. Do it in the race - drive-through (or the time penalty if it's in the last few laps, as specified in the rules.

It doesn't need a regulation change, it just needs consistent application of the rules.

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