Tuesday, 12 November 2013


The story that Mclaren have decided to delay their title sponsor announcement comes as, well, maybe it's not a surprise but it's certainly an interesting development.

Perhaps the most unlikely part of what Martin Whitmarsh said, is that he hadn't "spoken to our PR function".

Mclaren's head of  Communication and Public Relations is Matt Bishop, and it's almost unthinkable that anything would be communicated (or released) without him knowing about it.

Information is the lifeblood of Formula 1, and how it is presented or perceived can make a massive difference.

Right now there will be sponsorship gurus wondering if they can snatch something away from Mclaren before a deal is signed, both because it is the business of these gurus to know which companies Mclaren have been talking to, and because any statement like this indicates that something may not have been signed and there is still a chance to sneak in and offer a better deal.

So when an announcement like this comes out, it's very unlikely that Matt hasn't been informed. Whitmarsh might not have spoken to the "PR function" because that function reports to Matt. Which is why it's so interesting that Whitmarsh didn't say "Communications". If you want more of this logic, I'd suggest Joe Saward's piece from 15 years ago here.

Oh, and Mclaren haven't signed any drivers yet. Although the press has announced it will be Button and Magnusson.

Is that a coincidence, or an indication that Mclaren's income for next year is still in doubt? Let's not forget that they aren't going to finish as high as expected in the Constructor's Championship, which will reduce their income somewhat.

A coincidence? Seriously?

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