Monday, 18 November 2013

Black and Round

There's a report on today's Autosport that teams fear that 2014 will be boring.

I can understand the logic. Pirelli, after suffering from some less than optimal PR at Silverstone, and a couple of other explosive tyre incidents, are likely to bring more conservative tyres to next year's races.

Especially if they are not allowed to test.

The result is likely to be a bit like the Austin GP, with drivers circulating to a plan, in order to help them reach the optimum window for making a single tyre change.

To avoid this, there would need to be a regulation change but as we've seen, teams simply will not agree with each other, especially if it means a weakening of their own position.

Is it a coincidence that Mercedes are perceived to have the best engine package for 2014, and are also the team mentioned by Autosport as saying there will be enough interest due to reliability issues? I don't think so.

The first half of 2013 may well turn out to be the most closely contested 10 races we are likely to see this decade. Obviously the second half of 2013 doesn't fall into that category.

It my not be 100% down to the tyre changes that were made halfway through the season. But if it is, then we can expect there to be very little on track action next year.

And if that turns out to be the case, is there really any point in investing so much cash to develop the cars?

Personally I'd be in favour of a complete rethink of the regulations. But I can't see how it can happen.

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  1. "Personally I'd be in favour of a complete rethink of the regulations."

    Stop. Making. Sense.