Friday, 10 July 2009

Thirteen inch wheels

I've often wondered why F1 cars have 13 inch wheels, when all interesting road cars have at least 17 inch wheels these days.

So I asked Nick Wirth, and he told me that it's down to Bridgestone.

Apparently the tyre manufacturers are concerned about the aerodynamic loads put through the sidewalls, and moving to a lower aspect ratio would mean that the sidewalls have more stress to deal with.

So although that compromises many things like brake size and cooling. we just have to live with wheels that look shabby.

Not a very good reason is it?

Surely it's something that they could work on for future seasons. But then I guess we'd need to get the teams to agree on it...

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog Geoff, I've never been to Zurich but you are not the only person to mention that Gdansk looks a bit like that. About F1... with the speed of changing things nowadays I bet it won't be long before there will be new wheels.