Thursday, 16 July 2009

Proper qualifying is back

It hadn't really occurred to me until this week.

We get proper qualifying back next year! And either my memory is getting worse than I think it is, or I haven't seen anyone talking about that.

Which is strange, as it's one of the most emotive topics of the last few years.

But with no refuelling, there's no point in adding fuel for Q3. So I checked the Sporting Regulations for 2010, and sure enough, there's no difference between Q1, Q2 and Q3.

You can add or remove fuel between sessions as long as the car is in the garage area and the engine switched off.

Adding fuel is permitted after Q3 -before the race. And refuelling during the race is not permitted. Period. Or full-stop - if you're British like me.

Which means, if you want to start from pole, you have to have a car set-up to get pole, and live with that set-up throughout the race. Other than front-wing changes which are still allowed.

I think that's great news, and it means that once again we'll be seeing F1 cars at their purest in the last few minutes of qualifying.

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