Thursday, 9 July 2009

Me and Manor

As I'm starting to write more about F1 again after taking a breather from, it's only fair that I declare an interest in Manor Grand Prix. I don't work for them, at least not yet, and neither am I a shareholder, but I do know some of the people involved and can tell you that they are both very serious about being in F1, and aren't there just to make up the numbers.

I had dinner with Nick Wirth and Jane Nottage last night at the Nürburgring, and will be letting out entertaining snippets (hopefully not too biased) as they occur to me.

If you think I'm out of order, please leave a comment.

Alternatively, if you think I'm right, please leave a comment.

And if there's anything you want to know, ask me a question. I'll try to give a fair answer.

Btw - I could have called this piece "Manor and I" but I liked the alliteration.

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