Thursday, 9 July 2009

So what's wrong with using Cosworth?

There's been a few stories in the press recently about teams that didn't get an entry complaining about having to use Cosworth engines.

That's fair enough at first sighting, although you'd think that someone claiming that "I had a real possibility of obtaining a Renault, Mercedes or Ferrari engine" would know a bit about the regulations.

The sporting regulations for 2010 state: "A major car manufacturer may not directly or indirectly supply engines for more than two teams of two cars each without the consent of the FIA."

And guess what? Ferrari and Renault already supply two teams. So does Toyota. And Mercedes currently supply three teams because the FIA, with permission from Vijay Mallya(*), granted Brawn an exception for one year to save the Honda team from extinction.

Which just leaves BMW, who don't seem interested in selling engines at the moment, or an independent engine supplier.

So to claim to have found out only one day before the announcement of the new teams (on June 12) that a Cosworth engine was the way to get selected shows either a distinct lack of understanding (or disregard) of what's required, or a disingenious and spiteful attempt to cover up an inadequate entry.

Either way, I think the FIA is perfectly right not to select that kind of team.

I am still wondering what engine Brawn will run next year though.

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