Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hotel Life

It's always interesting going to a country you've never been to before, and Malaysia certainly falls into that category. I'd been to Hong Kong, and so I was expecting to see quite a few neon lights, but I wasn't expecting the extravaganza that the hotel presented me with when I arrived at night.

First up was a full size elephant (African, judging by the ears) calmly leaving the lobby, and ignoring the Ministry of Sound club on its left. On the other hand, perhaps it was only leaving because it was offended by the tiger ripping an antelope (or whatever it is) to pieces in one of the many fountains.

But I suspect it was actually headed just round the corner, to the shopping centre that's part of the hotel complex (as is a water and "scream" park, but we'll leave that for now). After all, when a shopping centre announces its presence with an ├╝ber-lifesize Sphinx, complete with eyes that light up, you know you're in for a special shopping experience. Westfield please take note.

Two days later, I was forced to follow the elephant's route when I discovered that I had only packed team trainers, and had no other shoes with me. As Saturday nights plans included a sponsor dinner near the Petronas towers, that simply wouldn't do.

Sadly, the inside of a Sphinx is very similar to a UK shopping centre. Apart, perhaps, from the ice rink. I did manage to find some nice shoes though. In fact, I'm wearing them now.

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