Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Driver pics - Hungary

First of all, an apology for the quality of these pics. I probably should have taken a decent camera with me, but when you're in a working environment you kind of feel guilty about snapping pics of the stars in a quiet moment. So I never used flash, and the rooms or garages where the drivers congregate are always starkly lit, making photography from any angle tricky. That's especially true when trying to be a bit subtle, and when using an iPhone.
But still, not many people get to see drivers just before they get on the truck to do their parade lap, so I offer these as a sample. Let me know if the series is worth continuing. 

I've opted for a black and white look on these, as I love the shots from the sixties of drivers in the paddock. I always found it interesting to see who talks to whom, and in what language. You'll notice that Timo isn't in any of these pics, he was over on the left of the garage chatting, as he often does, to Jarno. Who's your favourite driver talking to?


  1. I would love you to continue with this type of snapshot of what the drivers and others in F1 get up to away from the actual race. I sometimes feel guilty that I like this kind of detail as I am made to feel that I should concentrate on the race and the technical side of F1 to be a true F1 fan. I just think that this side gives life to the racing / technical side as you get to see emotion...maybe it's just a girl thing! Keep up the good work Mr Collins...and thanks! (Oh...and the MVR boys is who I look out for...as well as Jenson and Lewis...i'm patriotic after all!)

  2. No need to feel guilty. WE all watch for our own reasons and being interested in the people rather than the cars is perfectly normal! That's what makes it interesting.