Tuesday, 15 January 2008



Maybe I'm biased as Baden was the first town I lived in when I came to Switzerland, but I think it's lovely.

As you can see, it is picture-postcard lovely, and has a beautiful old town with buildings dating back to the 14th century.

Of course, the internals have been modernised, the Swiss have a great, non-sentimental way about doing that, but from outside they are unbelievably authentic.

Starting with the covered wooden bridge (now you know where Madison County got the idea from) the walk up the hill towards the centre takes you past some unlikely, and thriving shops.

My favourite used to be the violin maker, but he became so successful he's moved. So it's best just to wander around and see for yourself.

Many of the shops sell child-related (unusual toys, clothes etc) so it can be a fun place to go as a family.

If the town hall is open, try to get in and have a look at the walls and ceilings. Quite outstanding.

Should you go late in the evening, there is a casino, not Las Vegas style, but quite popular these days. I tend to lose, so stay away, apart from eating in the excellent restaurant there. Sunday brunch is a favorite, especially in summer when you can sit outside.

Take your swimming gear in winter, the thermal baths, after which the town was named, are still very much the place to visit. Very relaxing in winter, but don't except to be able to swim laps. Its more about having jets of water aimed at those painful joints that you got while walking along the L├Ągern.

Photo: Adrian Vogt

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