Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A bit too slow

When the "new" teams: Virgin (aka Marussia), Lotus (Green Lotus, that is, aka PGCs) and HRT, hit the track in early 2010, there were discussions as to whether their cars were any quicker than the GP2 cars that were supporting them on the race programme.

At Jerez, the same thought sprung to mind, but for all F1 cars this time, and while in general I'm in favour of the new rules (apart from the increased cost) the thought struck me that the FIA should also have made a change to the GP2 cars for 2014, to maintain the differential between them.

One paddock insider was referring to the new style of cars as a GP2 support race, and there is definitely a danger that on some tracks the GP2 cars may will record faster lap times than an F1 car in fuel-saving race mode.

Together with the idiotic nose designs and the stupid changes to the sporting regs, I'm again questioning if those at the FIA know what they are doing.

Again, can I have a job please?

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